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“Hussein fills the kitchen with mouth watering aromas and fills the fridge with delicious meals for my family to enjoy”
Meria De Nor




London Personal Chef provides a bespoke service to shop, cook and deliver to busy people who want to eat delicious food in their own home every day. By creating menus each week you can get nutritious meals with ease and convenience that you cannot tire of.

London Personal Chef can help you give up the weekly shop and free up more of your precious time to spend with your family and friends. Deliveries can be weekly, daily or anything in-between so that you’ll always have amazing food ready to eat in the fridge.

Menus can be tailored to support weight loss programs, the arrival of a new baby, food allergies, illness recovery or if you simply want to enjoy nutritious tasty food with ease and convenience.

How does it work?
Hussein will set up a consultation to discuss you and your families’ likes and dislikes, dietary requirements and eating habits. After that you can be as involved or as hands off as you like, you can approve the menu each week or just be pleasantly surprised when you get home.
Meals are prepared just for you and are usually cooked in the London Personal Chef kitchen in Portobello. Hussein will shop on the cooking day to ensure only the freshest possible ingredients are used. After food preparation, everything will be packaged and labelled and delivered with the menu and ingredients list. Most clients trust Hussein with a house key or garage access so that he can place the food directly in the fridge and storeroom when there is nobody home.

How much does it cost?
£25 per hour (minimum 3 hours). Charging hourly rather than a fixed price per head or meal allows the client to better manage their budget and specify the type and quality of raw materials.  Please note the hourly rate excludes all ingredients and travel expenses if outside London.

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